Training Teachers to do Philosophy with Children

To all PFC trainers:

I am currently a student reading for my B.Ed(Hons) degree at the University of Malta. As part of my studies I am conducting a research with the Programme for Critical and Creative Thinking at the Faculty of Education on how various entities organise training sessions in preparation for teachers and others (e.g. youth workers) to do Philosophy with Children. 

My main research question is to explore how much 'philosophy' in the traditional sense is covered in such courses, and the balance between the discipline of philosophy and the methodology (community of inquiry) in such courses. 

I am also interested in identifying the kind of entry requirements various courses demand from prospective students for such courses (e.g. a degree in education or a degree in philosophy or both etc).
Lastly I am also interested if teachers in your country cover a particular curriculum in PFC,

I appreciate if you could fill in the following questionnaire. It is also appreciated if you can send any related material to either myself on the e-mail below or to my tutor Dr Giordmaina (
All data and research results will be made available to Sophia. 

Samantha Zammit
B.Ed(Hons) student

Teacher Training and PFC

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Name of Trainer in PFC
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