At the University of Malta i lecture within the Department of Education Studies (Faculty of Education). This is a Department that basically houses what formerly used to be called the 'foundations of education'. Although there are no 'foundations', there are 'tools' from the social sciences by means of which one can understand better 'education'. Within this department one finds a group of people whose areas of specialization include Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education and Education Psychology. Members also specialize in Curricular development, Adult education, Policy and Management. 

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Within the Department I coordinate  a Programme entitled: The Programme for Critical and Creative Thinking in Education. This programme has its foundations in what i call the Philosophy for Children movement, but promotes a wider vision of Critical Thinking as well as Creative thinking, which I see as mutually depended. The goal of Philosophy for Children is mainly the use of philosophy, the process of philosophizing, in order to improve one's thinking abilities. Traditionally philosophy has been taught in Malta at the post secondary level (16+). But being such a rich tradition, the process of philosophizing, of good thinking, is beneficial to children as well. The Programme is also exploring the possibilities of introducing the tradition of philosophy as well, that is, introducing to children the discipline of philosophy as passed on to us by the 'great' philosophers. In a nutshell, it is well that children discuss ethical issues, but it will be better if they can associate it to someone like Kant, or more recently, to Peter Singer, just as kids know about  gravity, and also have an idea of who Newton is. Discussing what an apple is, an what gravity is, could lead to a very interesting dialogue between science and philosophy. Try it with your kids in class! 


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