The College System in the State School Sector: 

A Study of its Impact as Perceived by College Principals, Members of School Senior Management Teams, and Personnel in the Various Teaching Grades

Information Sheet

The Malta Union of Teachers has commissioned the undersigned to conduct a research on its behalf. The title of the research is: The College System in the State School Sector: A study of its impact as perceived by college principals, members of school senior management teams, and personnel in the various teaching grades.

The main aim of the project is to provide a scientific, empirically-based investigation of the impact that the College System and the related reforms are having as perceived by school personnel, senior management teams, and college principals. 

The research will investigate the views, opinions and concerns, of primary and secondary school personnel in all teaching grades on, and about, the College System and related reforms and how they are operating.

Ultimately, the research should provide an evaluation of the recent major changes in education, an evaluation that should result in an improvement of the education system in general.

The research so far has consisted of a review of the documentation on the college system and related reforms, a Questionnaire Survey among teaching grade personnel and school senior management teams (in which 1474 participated),  as well as one-on-one interviews with teaching grade personnel, school senior management teams, College Principals, and the Directors General. In all we are planning of conducting 90 one-on-one interviews.

The research is commissioned and funded by the Malta Union of Teachers, with the approval of the two Directorates.

The results of the research will be made public by the Malta Union of Teachers.

The Research Team consists of:

Prof Mark Borg. (

Dr Joseph Giordmaina (

Dr Anthony Vella (