Title of Project:                     PAN European Network: European Network for organisations involved in Adult Prison Arts education

Year:                                      2006

Action:                                    Grundtvig 4

Project No. and Code:          230423-CP-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-G4  

Coordinator:                         Manchester City College        


UK City College Manchester, UK

FLF, Denmark

Mountjoy Prison, Ireland

EPEA – Malta Branch

Vught Prison, Netherlands

Prison Arts Foundation, Northern Ireland

The Manchester College UK

Salo Baltic, Estonia

Festival of Friends, Germany

Lyceum Avlona, Greece

Daugvapils Prob.Serv., Latvia

Groenland ALC, Norway

Anne Peaker Centre, UK

SEEC, Bulgaria


Galli Group, Austria


The PAN European Network was established as a transnational network of organisations involved in adult arts education for prison inmates and ex-offenders across Europe. The project was not targeted at specific groups of prisoners; rather, it focused on prison education in general with particular attention paid to issues relating to the context, support, strategies and practice of delivering arts education for adult offenders and ex-offenders in a European context. The network now has over 100 partners from over 20 countries.


The key output of the project was the successful development of a PAN European Network on prison arts education. Other outputs include: a project web-site; the further development of the Anne Peaker Centre database; four editions of a journal linked to the project; three PAN International Annual Conferences, specific research publications; and a travelling exhibition of prisoners’ art work.