Here you can find some information with regards to my academic interests, mainly the programme I run at the University of Malta:  Prison Education and Re-Entry Programme and the training and education of learning facilitators, teachers and volunteers working in schools and within the voluntary section.

As a full time lecturer at the University of Malta my responsibilities include lecturing and research in prison education and re-entry, research methods (particularly multi modal approaches), as well as the teaching of ethics in schools. My main area of interest at the moment is the use of photography in prisons as a means for research and informal education. To this end I am coordinating a project awarded by the President of Malta to the European Prison Education Association - Malta Branch (EPEA - Malta) on the use of photography in prisons. 

My formal academic background is in education, philosophy and criminology. Through my work I try to combine the knowledge these disciplines offer for the benefit of a section of society, mainly prison inmates, striving towards transforming prisons into positive learning environments. 


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