For a Successful Re-Entry into Society

Corradino Correctional Facility has embarked on a project intended to support prison inmates to re-enter successfully into society.

The title of the project is:  Participation for Employment at CCF: Social Inclusion through Education and Training - P4E@CCF

Project Reference: ESF 02.064

The Goal

CCF aims at achieving a reduction in recidivism, for the benefit of the inmates, their families and society in general.  A successful prison institution is one where inmates do not return because they have integrated well as law abiding citizens.  Our goal is to support inmates in reintegrating by focusing on four highly related and integrated areas:  


Evidence-Based Practice Implementation

The goal of the prison authorities is to implement evidence based practice that results in successful reintegration. One such success has been the RISE project, with a zero recidivism rate. CCF plans to complement this success for a wider number of inmates, commencing from the first day an inmate is admitted at CCF. This will be possible through the drawing up of a sentence plan that takes into consideration the above mentioned four areas.

Call for Applications: Post/s of Part-Time Research Support Officer II

The University of Malta has issued a call for Research Support Officers ll to work with university academics and foreign experts in twelve groups in order to:

  • Explore best practices in the above areas, both at a local and international level;

  • Consult stakeholders;

  • Draw up a policy document;

  • Identify core strategies and enabling strategies;

  • Draw up a plan and procedures for implementation;

  • Draw up guidelines for securing quality and impact measurement of the interventions in the implementation phase;

  • Draw up a training and development guide for inmates, officers, professionals and administrative staff;

  • Pilot and evaluate courses/manuals/guidelines; and

  • Provide information as necessary in the evaluation of the training activities as relevant to this area in conjunction with the evaluation team.

The twelve groups will focus on the following themes:


How to Apply

If you possess a Masters level of education related to any of the above groups, you can apply with the University of Malta as an RSO ll.

The period of the project is 24 months, and one is expected to contribute 300 hours in order to produce, as a team, the above identified deliverables.

You will also have the opportunity to visit a European prison that stands out in their practice in the relevant area of your group.


 Candidates must submit their letter of application, a copy of their curriculum vitae and a scanned copy of their certificates. Applications must be sent by e-mail to and should be received by not later than 26th September 2018

Further information may be obtained from the website:

If you have any questions related to a group you wish to work with, do not hesitate to contact me on


Telephone: +356 23402347

Facebook messenger

Or visit office 229 Faculty of Education.