EPALE Prison Education Week


As of 2012, there were about 643 000 prisoners in the European Union and the prison population has slowly been increasing since. Most of these people have no higher, vocational or other advanced education and have low basic skills. Education in prisons plays an essential role in promoting rehabilitation and making prisoners less likely to reoffend.

Prisoner education is an important topic for EPALE, which is why 25–29 January is EPALE Prison Education week! Keep an eye on EPALE and our Facebook and Twitter pages for interesting resources and articles written by experts in the field.

  • We’re collaborating with the European Basic Skills Network to bring you a special three-day written discussion on the topic of prison education. Click here to access the discussion, which will be moderated by Dr Joe Giordmaina

  • We'll be hearing from Annet Bakker, Chair of the European Prison Education Association (and a teacher with 25 years' experience) who makes the case for looking beyond certificates for validation of prisoner education

  • Yoga instructor James Fox told EPALE how he converted prisoners in some of America's most challenging jails to the benefits of yoga - and how he's rolled out the project to prisons in Europe. Look out for our interview with James coming soon

    … And even more thought pieces, resources and other great content on prison education projects will be published. Check back to EPALE between 25 and 29 January for Prison Education Week

EPALE Lifelong Learning Cafe - 5th May 2016 

EPALE Lifelong Learning Cafe - 5th May 2016