Title of Project:                     Mind/Development of Critical Thinking for Successful Future Career in European Union: Practical Approach

Year:                                      2004    

Action:                                   Comenius        

Project No. and Code:         Nr.118435-CP-1-2004-1-LT-COMENIUS-C21        

Coordinator:                           Šiuolaikinių didaktikų centras
Modern Didactics Center

8th Rhodes Primary School

Lansi-Pirkanmaan Koulutuskuntayhtyma, Aikuiskoulutusyksikko
West Pirkanmaa District Municipal Federation of Education, Adult Education Unit

Odborne Uciliste, Uciliste a Practicka Skola
Special and Practical School
Czech Republic

Jaunimo karjeros centras
Youth Career and Advising Center

Kauno Jono Jablonskio gimnazija
Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium

Universita ta Malta, Fakulta ta Ll-Edukazzjoni
University of Malta, Faculty of Education, Department of Foundations in Education


Background of the Project

The proposal is continuation of successfully finished project "MIND/ Critical Thinking for Successful Future Career in EU" (2001-2003). This project had two main goals - to develop the integrated and specialized programme for career education and guidebook to this programme. These materials were developed for classroom teachers, working at all levels of secondary school.

The Programme and Guidebook cannot be properly understood and implemented without a training manual, which would give guidelines for introducing the materials into the school curriculum.

The next logical step – training programme for those who would like to use developed materials as a part of classroom instructions as well as a part of in-service training. Programme and Guidebook were translated into the national languages of partner countries and tested. They were also reviewed by informal project partners and outside experts. The evaluation results were positive, but the main conclusion was, that developed materials for secondary school teachers can be understood and efficiently used only after the team of teachers and teacher trainers will be taught how to use them in practice. As a continuation of Project MIND, project partners intend to develop this training manual and train teachers as future trainers for the programme “Critical Thinking for Career Education”. The training manual completed the set of materials and methods needed to fully implement the project ideas in the real world.

Aim of the Project

to develop in-servise training programme for teachers and teacher trainers in order to learn work with prepared materials and to ensure dissemination of project ideas after its end.

Specific Objectives of the Project

  •     to develop general framework of the in-service training programme;
  •     to develop strategies for elaboration of separate in-servise training programme parts;
  •     to arrange mini-seminars and test separate parts of in-servise training programme in partner countries;
  •     to arrange one pilot seminar for multicultural team of teachers and teacher trainers;
  •     to maintain equal partnership and cooperation between project partners in the process.
  • Long term objectives:
  •     to strengthen international dialogue and relations between country teams for the further successful co-operation;
  •     to promote equal opportunities for quality in education;
  •     to promote equal opportunities - for boys and girls, socially wealthy and socially poor, healthy and disable people - to choose way of life.

Target Audience:
School teachers (including young teachers, teachers-experts, teacher trainers, teachers working with special need children, initial training teachers) who have already tested the project materials, and are willing to disseminate the project ideas and methodology as trainers in their communities. The course is planed as in-service training for different levels and types of schools, including the lowest (pre-primary) and highest one (gymnasium/high school).  

Contact Address:
Daiva Penkauskiene
Modern Didactics Center
Didzioji str. 5-211
LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania